Why We Started HHFx…

HHFx was created as a result of its founder’s background and experience within the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) industry. For over 15 years he watched local HVAC contractors unsuccessfully promote the importance of indoor air quality and the health issues poor air quality can cause. HVAC contractors have always been targeted by indoor air quality product manufacturers as the primary education channel. This has clearly proven ineffective as public awareness on this issue is very limited.

This problem has been exacerbated by how well insulated homes have now become due to the focus on energy efficiency. While this may help save money with lower electric bills,  it has created a potentially toxic environment inside the “tight” home. Fresh air is no longer “seeping” in like it did 25 years ago. Fresh air exchanges within the home are vital for good indoor air quality.

How We Help Your Family’s Health…

Most people do not know that the EPA has identified indoor air pollution as 1 of the top 5 urgent environmental risks to public health. Indoor air pollution contributes to lung disease, asthma and lung cancer and can greatly exacerbate allergy symptoms. With homes becoming more efficient, they have also become tighter and do not provide enough fresh air and ventilation thus creates a “sick” home. HHFx helps your family’s health by essentially being your home’s “Air Doctor”. If your home is “sick”… we will provide a “diagnosis and prescription.”

We start by simply setting up our testing equipment into a standard wall outlet in the home. This process will take approximately 30 minutes. While the machine is analyzing the indoor air of your home we will also do an inspection of the entire heating and cooling system in the home. While we do not service HVAC equipment we will provide a basic “diagnosis” of the condition of the system, provide you with a written report of the type of system, and determine the age and warranty status of the system.

Once the results are in from the air test, we will sit down with the homeowner and immediately discuss the results. We take the time to educate and make sure that the homeowner fully understands any issues in the home and how it will affect the air that their family is breathing. We then discuss the “prescription” which could involve remediation (duct cleaning and sanitizing) and/or installation of IAQ devices (upgraded air filtration, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc.).

Why is it important to test?

Throughout your home, there could be contaminants that you do not know about that are quietly contributing to air quality problems in every room of the house.

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