What, Why, How of HVAC/Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning…

Duct Cleaning is simply a process of which a specialized vacuum hose is inserted into the HVAC ductwork or into the dryer vent ductwork that has a spinning cleaning brush on the end.

It is inserted through the return air and supply air grills and registers though out the home and pulls out years of debris that the filter does not catch. Duct cleaning improves indoor air quality by reducing the amount of particulate we are breathing while indoors. Dryer Vent Cleaning is one of the most overlooked services in many homes.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says clogged dryer vents contribute to approximately 15,000 house fires are started every year in the United States alone by overheated dryers..

Overheated dryers are more times than not caused by clogged dryer vents. It is done with the same procedure as the HVAC duct cleaning but with different hoses and brushes.