Programs itself. Then pays for itself.

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What is a NestPro Installer?

A NEST Pro Installer is a certified installer by NEST as a professional installer of their products. We get many calls looking for us to install product purchased by the homeowner from a big box store, online, etc. and we do put these products in, however, the warranty will only be 2 years. If Healthy Home Fx provides and installs the product then the homeowner will receive a 5 year warranty instead!…. and the best part is we charge the same as big box and online for the product. You just pay for the install and get the 5 year warranty!


Nest is a billion dollar worldwide company that creates smart home technology/internet based products that create more efficient and safer homes.
Nest’s primary product is the NEST LEARNING THERMOSTAT. It is an extremely user friendly thermostat that not only programs itself… but pays for itself.

How does it do this?… Nest Learning Thermostat has algorithms built in that over time will automatically adjust the thermostat to where historically it has manually been set to. Therefore, unlike other programming thermostats that allow for the homeowner to set a weekly schedule, it is done for you. Nest also has the ability to be controlled from any smart phone while on the go. So warm up the house in the winter or cool it down in the summer on the way home from work.

In doing all of this, Nest can potentially reduce your annual heating and cooling bills by 10-15%. It can also control other NEST products as well as other NEST compatible products such as door locks, lighting, and indoor/outdoor cameras.

Nest secondary product is the NEST PROTECT. It is a combination smoke and CO2 alarm that communicates and controlled by the NEST thermostat or by smart phone.

Unlike traditional smoke and CO2 alarms that are hard to determine if they are even working or not, the NEST Protect will show on your NEST thermostat the status.

The device also will speak. So these are great in kids rooms where they are actually told to leave the home. In addition to that, the Protect has the ability to send a signal to the Nest stat to then tell it to shut down the fan on the HVAC equipment, thus reducing the spread of smoke and CO2 in the event of a fire.

NEST PRO is a certification given to those who are deemed by NEST as professional installers. Nest is willing to give homeowners a 5 year warranty on any products installed by a NEST Pro Contractor. If you were to buy this at the big box store and install yourself or have another type of contractor install the homeowner will only receive a 2 year warranty.

HHFx is a certified NEST Pro Installer.